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Vertical vs Horizontal Wall Beds: What’s the Difference?

By: Don Lee | Murphy beds | 8.15.2016

With the diminishing size of rooms and increase of small living spaces, Murphy beds are becoming a suitable option for saving precious space.

However, before deciding to purchase a Murphy bed, it’s important to check the floor and wall space available for your space. Why? Not only does it put yourself in position to create the best bed design for your home, it also leads you to make another decision – do you want a vertical or horizontal Murphy bed?

Wall beds can be constructed in vertical and horizontal variants. As the names imply, vertical wall beds fold up to hold upright against a wall while horizontal wall beds hold sideways.


Starting with vertical wall beds, they are considered to be the original Murphy bed. Wall beds of this type require a relatively high ceiling in order to accommodate the length of the bed when folding it up or down. In addition, you’ll need plenty of space for the bed to be lowered onto the floor. Furthermore, it’s more likely than not that furniture will have to be moved off to the side or away from the area entirely if you choose to go this route.


Horizontal wall beds, on the other hand, are a different story. They were originally created to get rid of the flaws of vertical wall beds. Since the beds come own horizontally, there’s no need to worry about having a high ceiling. On the contrary, horizontal wall beds require more wall length space. Lastly, one big plus of horizontal wall beds is that you can create a bunk bed with them! Two wall beds fold down one on top of each other, providing more functionality to an already innovative design.

Which one is best for me?

This is obvious, but it really all depends on your needs and preferences. Are you in need of more room space even when the bed is down? A horizontal wall bed will be perfect for you since it’ll give you just a bit more space than the traditional vertical wall bed. Do you like to sit against a headboard while in bed? You’ll get that comfort with a vertical Murphy bed.

In essence, your choice will come down to the height of your ceiling, length and width of your walls, the space you need for other items, and your own personal preferences.

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