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How To Transform Your Bed At Home Into A “Hotel Bed”

By: Don Lee | Murphy beds How to | 7.22.2016

If you’ve ever been to a hotel, you’ll notice that lying down on a hotel bed is one of the best feelings ever.

A hotel bed just seems so perfect. From the soft comfortable sheets, a temperature that isn’t too hot or too cold, and just the right amount of layers, it’s a slice of heaven for however many days you’re on vacation.

It can be one of the worst feelings for some to go back to their bed at home after sleeping in one that is vastly superior to theirs. Murphy bed owners might have an innovative space saving bed that looks cool, but realistically no one is going to consider a Murphy bed a boutique style hotel bed without a few alterations.

The following are modifications you can make to your current Murphy bed and with them you can transform it into a bed that is just as good, if not, better than your current set up. 

Pick the correct sheets

murphy bed hotel bed

Your first task is to look for the appropriate bedding. What you’ll want to focus on is the material, specifically cotton. It might be easy to want to go for bedding with a larger thread count, but this doesn’t necessarily correspond to a high quality sheet. Search for organic or Egyptian cotton sheets with absolutely no synthetic material in either of them. Cotton sheets get softer over time and feel cool and smooth, just like hotel bed sheets.

Get multiple sets of those sheets

hotel murphy bed

Hotels swap out sheets while you’re out of your room so you have a fresh clean set when you come back. While you certainly won’t have the number of sheets they do, it’s good to have at least three sheets: one in use, one in reserve, and one in the wash. This is so that each sheet lasts as long as it can over time.

Create multiple layers

hotel bed murphy

Hotel bed sheets have a fitted sheet, a cotton cover sheet right above it, and the main blanket above everything. This is so that you get that signature snug feel of a hotel bed, feeling cool from the cotton as well as warmth from the topper. For winter weather, make sure the top layer is made of a heavier fabric.

Stick with basic light colors

bed hotel murphy

The look of your bed is just as important as the feel of it. After all, a bed looks enticing when it is clean and well-made. We recommend white sheets and white pillows, as dark colors can absorb too much heat, making it unnecessarily hot.

Set up your pillows correctly

bed murphy hotel bed

Last but not least, we have the pillows. Hotels typically layer the pillows in descending order. For example, you may have three king sized pillows in the back, two standard sized pillows in the front, and one accent pillow in the front. Similar to your sheets, look for cotton pillows of the organic or Egyptian variety.

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