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How Living In A Small Space Improves Mental Health

By: Don Lee | Small Spaces | 6.6.2016

The idea that bigger is better is slowly becoming a distant memory, as more Americans discover that living large isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be.

People choose to live in large homes for a variety of reasons, including investment potential, but size also equals more space to store stuff over time, allowing collections and families to grow in size. Another reason is bragging rights. Yes, owning one of the largest homes in the neighborhood can be a satisfying feeling.

And yet, homeowners are starting to realize that smaller dwellings have much more to offer. People choose to downsize for financial reasons, environmental purposes, or even due to problems with past neighbors. However, once people turn to small-space living, they experience a wealth of benefits, many of which improve mental wellbeing.

The obvious: less space equals less stuff


If you have empty space, you want to fill it. That’s only natural. But trying to cover every square inch of your home with something adds stress and anxiety to your already hectic life. Not to mention, extensive decorating can be a burden on the wallet.

Placing a plant it in a large room doesn’t feel as warm or as homey as one in a small living space. You’ll feel satisfied with that single purchase and won’t be tempted to splurge on any more home decor.

You’ll find yourself going outside more


You might have to sacrifice a few amenities like your home gym, but living in small space forces you to go outside more often, which is healthy for your body and mind. 

Smaller homes equal smaller bills (usually)

Now this can’t be said for urban cities like New York or Los Angeles, but a small home can save you money on your monthly bills. People who live in smaller spaces generally consume less water, electricity, and gas, cutting down on utility costs.

Creativity will grow


Less space forces you to get a bit more creative with how you use it. You’ll find yourself seeking out more DIY projects and looking for alternatives to off-the-shelf storage solutions. Watch as your  imagination grows to tackle any problem you might have.

You’ll be closer to your family


When you have less living space, you have fewer ways to escape your loved ones. This can be both good and bad at times, but eventually, you’ll learn to adapt to each other’s needs, building stronger bonds and better relationships.

So take some pressure off of yourself and go small!

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