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Wall Beds Quietly Create Extra Rooms for Guests

By: Don Lee | Murphy beds | 7.1.2016

We appreciate wall beds for many different reasons. It could be because of their ingenious way of saving valuable real estate in small homes, or it could be purely because they look cool and innovative.

However, many people seem to overlook one of the most important benefits of wall beds, and that is how they can create a comfortable room out of any area of the house. Whether it’s an attic, a home office, a garage, or even a kitchen (if you want), wall beds magically transform a space into a full-blown guest room.


Photo: Patrick Hayes, Closet Factory Designer

For example, this room features a custom home office, designed specifically for getting basic work done, relaxing, and quietly thinking of ideas. But what if an old childhood friend decides to stay with you for a couple of nights.


Photo: Patrick Hayes, Closet Factory Designer

No problem. With a wall bed, this office room becomes a bedroom instantly, with no moving of heavy equipment. The beauty of it is that once they’re gone, you can easily transform it back to the original fully functional office.


Next, we’ll take a look at this living room. For those without guest rooms, the couch is often the default bed for visitors, which can be quite troublesome for two guests. Someone always almost ends up having to sleep on the floor, which does their back no favors.

A wall bed disguised as a beautiful cabinet makes your entire room into a complete guest room. It comes equipped with a TV and easy access to other amenities of your home.


Lastly, we’ll take a look at a small living space. Small living spaces have it the toughest for obvious reasons. It gets especially difficult when you have guests over and your home has only a single room. Their only option is to sleep in the main area of the home unless you don’t mind giving up your privacy.


With a wall bed, those worries are instantly over. While it may seem odd to have a fully functional bed near a kitchen, it’s nice to know that whomever you have over to your pad will sleep comfortably.

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